Scared of Philosophical essays? It’s very easy and high scoring | Essay FLTs 2020 | Video link inside

You get personal (one-to-one) mentorship by Zeeshan sir in Essay FLTs 2020. Click here for details of the Essay program for 2020

Philosophical essays are asked in UPSC paper almost mandatorily. They are considered difficult by the majority of the IAS aspirants and tackling them is a major issue with almost all of the aspirants.

Watch Zeeshan Sir here decode the right strategy to score high marks in these essays.

About Essay FLTs 2020

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How to write UPSC IAS essays?

Program inclusion

  1. 5 FLTs
  2. Model essays
  3. One-to-one mentorship by Zeeshan sir
  4. Membership to exclusive Essay group on Habitat
  5. Notes and references on Habitat

Price of the program

  • Rs. 4000 + taxes for Smash Mains 2020 enrolled students
  • Rs. 5000 + taxes for other students

Note: Smash Mains 2020 students can ask for a payment link from our team/ping us on WhatsApp +91 8929987787

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