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Feel Free to Join the fantastic Ask Me Anything open book session & consult How you can grow your Self-Mastery for better performance. 

 “Do you think you are utilizing only half of your mental and physical capabilities? It’s the game of your subconscious mind.”Civilsdaily.

One might think that it is only the conscious part of the brain which makes one distinguished from the others. It is true in some sense. But, in the case of UPSC preparation, your subconscious mind overrides your conscious mind to some extent.

Choose toppers’ 5 magical Mantras or principles which will overwrite your fears and self-doubts. You can start reasoning how your MCQ and Answer writing skills are improving, how you are completing the syllabus, how you are getting more clarity on the examination process, and how you are travelling closer to success day by day. 

To assemble self-trust and confidence to yield the positive results sooner, join this free live webinar conducted by Civilsdaily’s Senior IAS toppers’ mentor to get certain value-added insights on how to convert ‘Despair’ into ‘Hope’  spontaneously. 

Webinar Details:

Grab the opportunity to get great tips on ‘How to remove all the causes of despair in the journey of UPSC-CSE 2023’, and ‘What is our subconscious mind’, & ‘How to use Self Mastery through Conscious Auto-Suggestion’. This entire webinar is free. All aspirants are wholeheartedly welcome to attend.

Date: 9th May 2022 (Monday)

Time: 7 PM to 8 PM

Success Mantras in This Free Live Webinar by Siddharth Sir!

  1. How to stay focused on the study with full of concentration. Best, authentic, Do’s & Don’t, to remember all essential pieces of information for UPSC. What are the mind’s auto-suggestions? Why it is a must for UPSC!
  1. How to avoid procrastination? It’s nobody’s enemy but one’s own. So, how to stay motivated that will pluck up your spirit, also be discussed.
  1. Most of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours are determined by the Subconscious and Unconscious minds. So, to stay firm to your UPSC goal, it’s mandatory to learn how to control your subconscious mind.
  1. How to beat burnout while studying long hours! When we study with love, we never forget. It’s yourself to whom you have to give a tough competition. So, how to establish a relationship between books & you are the foremost thing you should never ignore.
  1. What are those 5 magical principles to decode yourself? Our toppers used to utilize & implement these 5 magical principles that proved miracles.
  1. It’s not only knowledge that you must be packed with but how toppers increased the efficiency of an IAS officer must possess. How to create a basic conceptual framework that boosts your brainpower will be one of the main points of our webinar.
  1. Stress is the only villain that can destroy the power of the brain. If you think depression, it will get you depressed. And if you enjoy it, your brain will get more powerful subconsciously. 
  1. The untold secret of the power of attraction is that the UPSC-CSE journey can be getting nearer day by day. The most brilliant ways to use the power of attraction to invigorate the subconscious mind will be disclosed in this webinar.

About Siddharth Singh Sir:

Siddharth sir is a mentor with CivilsDaily for nearly 5+ years and is now working with other senior mentors of the Civilsdaily UPSC Guidance Program. With a brief stint in the service and Edtech industry, he has mentored more than 2000 Aspirants and is one of the recognized interviewers under UPSC Domain. He also identifies himself as a certified Nutritionist and a fitness fanatic by inclination. He is also known for his love for writing and reciting News/poetry in a deeper and soulful voice.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch