IAS full form

IAS= Indian Administrative Service

‘I’ stands for ‘Indian‘, ‘A’ stands for ‘Administrative‘, ‘S’ stands for ‘Service

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What is IAS?

Many of us hear about the term ‘IAS officers’. But we seldom know the full form of the IAS officer. So let’s first learn the full form of IAS. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the most prestigious government jobs in India.

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Role and responsibilities of an IAS officer

  • To formulate important policies and advise the ministers on important issues
  • maintain law and order among the citizens
  • implement important policies
  • collect revenue 
  • the caretaker of various expenditures 
  • takes important decisions were necessary 
  • oversees the proper implementation of them by formulating policies accordingly. 
  • Policy maker

Eligibility Criteria – Age limit

The minimum age criterion for the UPSC CSE exam is age at least 21 years. The maximum age limit where a candidate can be an IAS officer for the general section is 32 years, the maximum limit for the OBC section is 35 years, and 37 years for SC / ST section.

Educational qualification

To be an IAS officer and to pass the UPSC CSE exam, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university. 

Even a candidate in the final year of graduation can take part in this exam. 

Candidates who have taken correspondence education are also eligible for this examination. 

Digits with a technical degree are also eligible. 

Even professionals can apply for this special test. 

A medical student is also eligible to apply for this test. But only if he completes the degree and goes through an internship program. 

A candidate who has passed CA, ICWA, and ICSI is also eligible to apply for this position.

Number of attempts

For the general category, the candidate is limited to 6 attempts. And for OBC closure, the candidate has 9 effort limits. There is no age limit of 37 years for an SC / ST candidate.

How to Become An IAS officer!

 To become an IAS officer, Indian youths have to fulfill only 3 conditions:

  • Get a graduate degree
  • Clear the UPSC-CSE exam
  • Complete training successfully

Passing the UPSC exam is not simple, many obstacles may be suffered during the process of the assessment. Even a serious aspirant without a hand-holding strategy, uncompromising attitude, and proper guidance may fail. Read More….

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