IAS Mains 2015 & Beyond – Mini Quiz #4

Here are the 5 questions for IAS Mains 2015 challenge for the week. We have given a bit of initiation into why we chose these questions so that you have some idea before you attempt them all!


We have come across several instances of global floral and faunal pattern undergoing re-distribution. Combining it with the buzzword that is Climate Change makes a worthy combination to be there in the test!

#1. Anthropogenic factors have emerged as the largest contributor to the climate change which has accelerated the melting of the ice sheets across the globe. Discuss the ecological and environmental consequences of the disappearance of the major ice sheets from the face of the earth.

They have asked impact of globalization on elderly and with globalization and its impact on Indian society forming a topic from where challenging questions can be framed, this question might just serve that purpose. And remember whenever the examiner frames such questions he/she knows that candidates might just focus on the negatives, something which is common. Don’t fall for the trap! As they say, every coin has two sides!

#2. Debates on globalization have largely leaned towards its economic impact on countries side-lining its socio-cultural impact. Discuss how globalization has affected the socio-cultural milieu in India.

The trend shows that the questions from Modern India have been hitherto easy and common like INA or economic impact of British so here is another one in the same line.

#3. What caused a split among the ranks of Indian national Congress in the year 1907?

Classic questions from geography (using the names we have heard umpteen times) which everyone seems to know only to overshoot the world limit! But they say brevity pays!

#4. Discuss the modern theory(ies) of the origin of Indian monsoon.

#5(a). Explain the origin of ‘Deccan Traps.’
#5(b). Explain the formation of Atacama Desert.


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