IAS Mains 2020: 250 most probable topics with questions | List of topics inside

250 most probable topics for UPSC IAS Mains 2020

250 Most Probable Topics for IAS Mains 2020 – Get enrolled here

CivilsDaily brings you the 250+ Most Important Issues that need to be covered holistically for Mains 2020. This compilation contains issues and topics that have a high probability of being asked in Mains 2020 and beyond.

These are a part of our Quality Enrichment Program (QEP) for Mains 2020.

We’ve covered each issue in its entirety, every dimension has been explored and covered so that you can tackle any question from these topics. There are probable questions from each topic as well. We’ll be discussing these in Habitat sessions.

Program inclusions:

  1. 250 most probable topics and questions – Comprehensively covered
  2. Habitat Mains 2020 group membership – for discussion, answer writing practice and doubt sessions

250 Most Probable Topics for IAS Mains 2020 – Get enrolled here

List of issues covered

Polity and Governance

  • Separation of power
  • Federalism (All kinds Cooperative,competitive)
  • Citizenship issue
  • Important Judgments related to Indian constitution
  • Role of Governor
  • Inter-state water disputes
  • Contempt of Court
  • Parliament and issues (Should Rajya sabha be abolished)
  • Local Government and issues (Add case studies etc)
  • NGO and civil society ( Add data and case studies)
  • EWS issue
  • One Year since the Repeal of Art. 370
  • Reform in Criminal Justice system in India
  • CIC and RTI act( RTI Amendment Bill, 2019)
  • NHRC and issue
  • Hate speech in India
  • Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2020
  • Anti-defection
  • National medical Commission
  • The Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill, 2020
  • Surrogacy bill
  • Domicile-based job quota in states
  • One country One system
  • Naga peace process
  • Doctrine of pith and Substance
  • Issue of Property rights for Indian women
  • Issues with Indian Judiciary 
    • Appointment issue, Quality issue, Overreach issue, procedural issues
    • Role of Judiciary in deepening democracy in India
  • Issues related to Tribunals
  • Autonomous bodies in India
  • MPLAD scheme
  • Departmental Standing committees
  • Issues related to Education
    • Important successful models
    • Govt initiatives
    • Govt committees  ( Subramaniam, Kasturiranghan)
  • Population and Related issues
    • Kerala and Bangladesh model
    • Issues in our Population control policy
  • Should the age of marriage for women be raised to 21?
  • National Recruitment Agency
  • Issues related to Health
    • Important successful models
    • issue of access
    • Issue of affordability
    • Issue of Quality
  • The National Medical Commission Bill, 2019
  • National health ID System
  • Aadhar issue vs Right to Privacy debate
  • E-Governance
    • Govt initiatives
    • Successful case studies
  • Double burden of Malnutrition and obesity
    • Data,Govt initiatives, Successful models,Issues
  • Accountability & Transparency
    • Govt initiatives,  
    • Constitutional  provisions,
    • Portals, issues,Citizen charter, Social Audit
  • Poverty 
    • Reasons for drastic fall
  • SHG
    • Data, Nabard report
  • Civil service reforms
    • Lateral entry
    • ARC 2, Hota committee
  • NRC
  • Trafficking of Persons Bill, 2018
  • The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019
  • Does India need a national language


  • National education policy 2020
  • Feasibility of online education in India

250 Most Probable Topics for IAS Mains 2020 – Get enrolled here

International Relations

  • COVID & Change in Global world order
  • G 7 & India
  • India’s role in shaping the post-covid World order
  • Asian Century
  • China angle
  • WHO
  • QUAD
  • Retreat of Globalization & its impact on India
  • India-Nepal relations
  • India’s strategic autonomy
  • Indo-Pacific & China
  • USA exit from Afghanistan & its implications for India
  • Indian Ocean 
  • India-Bangladesh relations
  • India’s Big brother attitude
  • India’s nuclear doctrine
  • India-Australia relations in the context of China
  • Can SAARC be revived
  • India RCEP
  • Dormancy of WTO  
  • Arab-Isreal Truce & Its implications for India
  • 75 years of UN


  • National policy on biofuels
  • Zero-based natural farming
  • Need for a national water policy
  • Water crisis in India
  • Waste management rules (Plastic, e-waste,bio-medical waste, solid waste, construction and demolition waste management rules)
  • coastal regulation zone notification 2019
  • Mangroves, wetlands, Coral reeves, Desertification
  • Issues in Mountain ecology,
  • Arctic warming and India
  • Important environmental legislations
  • Important schemes related to the environment
  • Climate change and India
  • Renewable energy and India (Data, Govt initiatives, Lacunae)
  • Rising heat wave phenomenon in India
  • Environment Performance Index & India
  • Pollution and India
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Important protocols related to climate change, pollution, biodiversity.
  • Animal cruelty and India
  • Bioethanol Blending in Petrol
  • Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)

Indian Economy

  • NPA and the Indian economy
  • Fall in investment in India
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat
  • Jobless growth in India
  • 5 Trillion economy
  • Middle-income trap and India
  • Need for formalizing Indian economy
  • PPP in India (All the models)
  • Infrastructure sector in India (Rail, aviation, roads, ports, inland waterways. Govt initiatives,). The Major Port Authorities Bill, 2020
  • Weaknesses and Failures of Indian Industrial Policies
  • Make in India (Complete  analysis)
  • Application of Behavioural economics
  • Application of Randomized control trial 
  • Sustainability of Service led growth
  • SEZ
  • Export growth in India
  • Export-led growth vs Domestic demand-based growth
  • FTA  and India
  • BIT and India
  • Transfer pricing and DTAA and India
  • Budgeting (Outcome budgeting, Gender budgeting, Issues in budgeting procedure in India)
  • India and Contracts
  • Disinvestment  policy in India (Complete analysis)
  • Universal basic income
  • Power sector crisis (Draft electricity amendment bill)
  • FDI in India(Issues and Trends)
  • Tax reforms in India(Need for Direct tax reforms, GST reforms)
  • Fiscal stimulus debate
  • Structural vs cyclical slowdown in India
  • Planning in India  (Issues, trends, and reforms needed)
  • Coal sector reforms (FDI)
  • Trafficking of Persons Bill, 2018
  • Labour code 2020
  • Farmers ordinance
  • MSME sector in India
  • Privatization of Indian railways
  • Inflation targeting vs Multiple indicator approach
  • E-commerce sector in India
  • Pharmaceutical sector in India
  • Can India replace China as the factory of the World
  • New Umbrella Entities (NUEs) for retail payments.
  • Issue of  GST Compensation
  • Telecom sector in India
  • The Production Linked Incentive Scheme
  • Need for Fiscal council

250 Most Probable Topics for IAS Mains 2020 – Get enrolled here


  • Food processing sector in India
  • Agriculture marketing reforms (e-nam and latest reforms)
  • PDS vs Cash transfer
  • Price deficiency payment vs MSP
  • Precision agriculture
  • Fertilizer sector reforms in India
  • Income support scheme in Agriculture
  • Power subsidies in Agriculture
  • Sugar industry crisis
  • Rural distress farmer suicide
  • Mechanization of Indian agriculture
  • Doubling of Farmers income
  • Issue of Agriculture credit and insurance
  • Economics of Animal rearing (Poultry, fisheries (All latest revolutions, Dairy)
  • Diversification of Indian agriculture
  • Organic farming
  • Irrigation In India – PMKSY, AIBP, Watershed Management, Neeranchan, etc
  • Issue of  food subsidy
  • Important  committees (Dalwai, Shanta Kumar, Swaminathan committee) 
  • FCI reforms and issue of buffer stock
  • Seeds, Pesticides, and Mechanization.
  • Farmers ordinance
  • Micro-irrigation in India

Internal Security

  • Left wing extremism in India (Recent initiatives,issues,suggestions)
  • Mob Lynching and Fake news
  • Cyber security in India (Issues,Recent initiatives, institutional structure, reforms needed,data)
  • NIA (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • Chief of Defence Staff Post
  • India’s No First Use Policy
  • India-China border issue
  • India-Pakistan,Bangladesh  border 
  • Linkage between Organized crime and terrorism
  • Money laundering and its prevention (Recent initiative, International org,issues)
  • Indian Army Reforms – Shekatkar Committee Report
  • NCTC
  • Personal Data Protection Bill
  • Need for a National security policy
  • Draft Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy 2020
  • Need for new defence doctrine

Science and Technology

  • Gravitational Waves
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT
  • Blockchain Technology 
  • Automation
  • Net Neutrality3
  • Cyber Viruses
  • Plasma therapy
  • Science of Covid
  • Genetically Modified Crops
  • Antimicrobial REsistance
  • Gene Editing
  • Genome India Project
  • India’s Nuclear Program (Indo-US Nuclear deal)
  • Scramjet Engine
  • Cryogenic Technology
  • Important missions of ISRO
  • Mars Orbit
  • Chandrayaan 1 & 2
  • India’s Ballistic Missile system
  • India’s intellectual property rights regime
  • 5G
  • Big Data and its application
  • CRISPR Technology
  • Digital Currency

Disaster Management

  • NDMA guidelines 2010
  • Urban floods
  • Important Government initiatives
    • National cyclone mitigation project
    • Tsunami early warning system
    • National Seismic Risk Mitigation Programme (NSRMP)
    • National landslide risk management strategy
  • National disaster management plan
  • Sendai framework
  • Flood management strategies in India
  • Locust attacks
  • Avoidable man-made  disasters (Gas leak, Building fire, train accident, Hospital infant deaths, Stampede)

250 Most Probable Topics for IAS Mains 2020 – Get enrolled here

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