IAS pre-2021 special| Stashed 2.0 by Poorti Garg- Memory techniques for UPSC IAS current affairs | Join Habitat club here

UPSC IAS exam is an information-loaded exam and there is no way out to memorizing things. The current affairs and the topics are vast. To cover and memorize them in essential for your success.

Stashed 2.0, the successor of Stashed program, will help you cover and memorize current affairs in an efficient manner.

What is Stashed 2.0?

Stashed 2.0 is a unique program to help you learn memory techniques and their application for covering and memorizing current affairs for UPSC IAS exam.


It will be conducted as a 10 days workshop on Habitat where you will be learning, discussing with Poorti ma’am and peers, and practicing these techniques.

You’ll also be covering important yet hard to memorize and complex topics in this program through memory techniques.

Program inclusion

  • 10+ Memory techniques and their application for UPSC IAS exam
  • 10 days Habitat workshop
  • Video lectures
  • Worksheet and notes (PDF)
  • Membership to the exclusive Stashed club on Habitat
  • Support and consultancy by Poorti ma’am

Course fee: Rs 1000 + GST= Rs 1180

Topics to be covered

International Relations

  • Places in News
  • International visits of Prime Minister Modi
  • Exercises
  • International agreements
  • International organizations and reports


  • Species in news
  • Conservation areas- National Parks, etc.
  • Laws, schemes and policies
  • Conventions and Protocols
  • Agreements
  • Important organizations

Science and technology

  • Important discoveries
  • New technologies
  • Defence- missiles, etc.
  • Space missions, etc.


  • Indices and Reports
  • Important terms of Economic survey
  • Budget
  • Important trends, etc.


  • Bills/ Acts/ Laws
  • Policies and schemes


  • Volcanoes and other geographical events
  • Mountains, plateaus etc. in news
  • Economic geography- crops, minerals, etc. in news
  • Landlocked countries, etc. in news

Art and Culture

  • Heritage sites in news
  • Indian States Tableaux on Republic Day
  • GI tags
  • Important leaders in news, etc.

How to attend these workshops?

This program will start from 05th April 2021. It is a 10 days course-cum-workshop.

Video lecture by Poorti ma’am will be shared with you all before a session. These lectures will cover memory techniques and their application. You must watch them before every workshop.

Workshops are going to take place on Habitat, our chat-based learning platform. On Habitat, you are going to discuss the techniques and their application with Poorti ma’am. Habitat sessions are going to be a mix of text and audio messages.

You will also learn to apply the same techniques to topics other than those covered in the lecture.

Students are encouraged to bring their topics as well and discuss with peers and Poorti ma’am as how to memorize them quickly and effectively. You’ll be receiving worksheets which to be attempted and discussed in Habitat sessions.

Poorti ma’am is going to be there to guide and resolve all your doubts in the Habitat club.

How to access the course?

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