IAS Prelims 2021 to be postponed| Reconquer Prelims 2021 amidst pandemic

how to clear upsc ias prelims 2021

How to best utilize this time for IAS Prelims 2021? Click here to fill the Samanvaya form for free 1-1 mentorship. We will call you within 24 hours. (Also provided at the bottom of the article)

Test series for Assessment, Notes + Videos for revision and syllabus completion, Weekly Google meet sessions for Guidance

IAS Prelims 2021 will be deferred by at least 3 months due to the prevailing pandemic situation in the country. UPSC will very soon release a notification announcing this postponement.

It’s time for an IAS 2021 aspirant to turn these times of adversity into an opportunity:

  • Beat the competition– You get more time to revise and clear your concepts, especially true for working professions.
  • Get in the competition– Late risers or those who couldn’t prepare can start seriously now.
  • There are fewer distractions now due to the lockdown.

There is another side to it as well, aspirants might become directionless, disoriented, and complacent due to a lack of plan.

How to best utilize this time for IAS Prelims 2021? Click here to fill the Samanvaya form for free 1-1 mentorship. We will call you within 24 hours.

Any form of complacency is a kiss of death for your UPSC prelims 2021 success.

To help you make the most out of these 3 months Civilsdaily is offering you its test series but topped with important and relevant material to help you Reconquer Prelims 2021.

What is Reconquer Prelims 2021?

It’s is a special program for UPSC IAS 2021 prelims which include mock tests primarily but we’re are going to provide you with notes, video lectures, weekly guidance sessions, and Civilsdaily’s support to act as a booster to your preparation.

Program inclusion:

  • 38 IAS Prelims Mock Tests
    • 8 Basic tests
    • 8 Advanced tests
    • 10 Current Affairs
    • 8 Full-Length Tests
    • 4 CSAT tests
  • Decimate Prelims 2021 current affairs (PDF)
  • Union Budget and Economic survey-
    • Video* lecture by Sajal Singh
    • PDF note
  • Score Boosting video* lectures by Zeeshan Hashmi
  • Weekly Google meet sessions with Sajal sir, Sukanya ma’am, Sudhanshu sir, and other CD mentors.
  • Access to Civilsdaily’s Prelims 2021 club on Habitat
    • Discussion
    • Doubt sessions

* pre-recorded video lectures

Know more about this program. Click here to fill the Samanvaya form for free 1-1 mentorship. We will call you within 24 hours.


Objectives of Reconquer Prelims 2021

  • Revision and course completion.
  • 360 degrees assessment of your preparation.
  • Getting back on track especially for those who started late or couldn’t prepare sufficiently till now.
  • Putting up a plan for maximizing your efforts.
  • Efficiency in preparation.
  • Help you build capacity to tackle IAS Prelims 2021 and succeed in that.

How to best utilize this time for IAS Prelims 2021? Click here to fill the Samanvaya form for free 1-1 mentorship. We will call you within 24 hours.

Our philosophy – Mastering Prelims by guided yet Flexible Goal Setting

1. Evidence-based question making: UPSC level mocks

Mock tests are a part of our legacy product, the Prelims test series. It’s loaded with 6 key differentiators and 3 ‘exclusive’ features. 

It aims to build your core competencies in a graded manner; from basic, advanced and then to UPSC+ level. Focus is on conceptual clarity, coverage of syllabus and developing a personalized strategy to attempt a UPSC Prelims paper.

A Test Series is more than just a set of 100 questions and solutions at the end.

The 3800 questions you face in our mocks have their relevance established via UPSC’s trend analysis. We focus on the themes that are important as per UPSC so that we maximize your chances of questions overlap with the actual UPSC Prelims.

2. Civilsdaily’s Innovation: Tagging

Tagging helps us to ensure balanced coverage of static and current affairs, setting optimum difficulty level, keeping the paper relevance to UPSC syllabus and pattern, and cover all important themes. It’ll help you to analyse and understand the expectation of the UPSC in a better way.

Subject/Sub-subject tagging ensures that a balanced paper is presented to you with an emphasis on important themes. It helps you discover your subject-specific blindspots and rectify them. We disclose our coverage. 

Question Type Tags: Helps you understand the mix of questions and equip yourself in multifaceted question forming. Learn about question types here.

Difficulty Level Tags, Conceptual/Factual Tags: These tags don’t leave you guessing about your weaknesses. If you miss a difficult factual question, it’s absolutely fine. In fact, it’s desirable as you don’t score a negative.

3. Study and revision material- Notes and Video lectures

I) High-quality material and notes from Decimate Prelims 2021 crash course

These notes have been curated by experienced faculty at Civilsdaily and will help you revise all the concepts and current affairs from Jan 2020 to June 2021.

II) Economic Survey 2020-2021 and Union budget 2021-2022 – Both of them have been very comprehensively covered by Comprehensively covered by Sajal sir Both video lectures and PDF notes will ensure that no concept or question will get unanswered from these.

III) Score boosting lectures by Zeeshan sir

Tikdam techniques is a very important skill that can boost your score by 30+ marks. It will prepare you and enhance your ability to perform under pressure (& lack of information). These lectures have helped a lot of students in the past.

We not only impart but make you practice these skills in our test series. You will be getting pre-recorded video lectures.

4. Civilsdaily’s Handholding – Google meet sessions

We believe frequent guidance and course correction are crucial to your success in the UPSC exam, and that’s why we’ll be having a weekly Google meet session with senior faculty and mentors from Civilsdaily like Sajal sir, Sukanya ma’am, Sudhanshu sir, Ajay sir, and others.

5. Access to Civilsdaily’s Prelims 2021 club on Habitat

You’ll be assigned to an exclusive group on Habitat, it’s headed by Sajal sir, Sudhanshu sir, Zeeshan sir and membered by rankers and in-service officers.

Habitat is where everything comes together: learning, doubt clearing, notes, references, mentors, and a focussed community. You’re going to learn and discuss like never before.

What is there on Habitat?

  • Doubt sessions – Dedicated sessions to resolve doubts in real-time. Never keep a doubt to yourself.
  • An ecosystem for co-learning and active learning.
  • A highly motivated community to bring flexibility and consistency to your preparation.
  • Other activities like revisions, quizzes, test discussion, CSAT, etc. are also planned.Samachar Manthan Civilsdaily IAS Current Affairs UPSCHabitat – Desktop and Mobile view

Where to find the tests?

After you have enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary links for the tests and material. You can also find those link from the curriculum section of this course.

Facing any issue with test access post-enrollment?

Share your payment confirmation, name, email id, and contact number along with the issue that you are facing (with screenshots if possible) at dj@civilsdaily.com and cc it to hello@civilsdaily.com

We will resolve your issues in minutes.

This is what our students have to say about our mock tests..

How to best utilize this time for IAS Prelims 2021? Click here to fill the Samanvaya form for free 1-1 mentorship. We will call you within 24 hours.

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3 years ago

Without any notification on what basis can you say this?

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3 years ago
Reply to  Dushyant Yadav

he is 100% right……..from my personal govt sources, the schedule of 2020 is likely to be followed.

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3 years ago
Reply to  Chirag Parmar

And its a reliable source?

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3 years ago

Ya please reply

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3 years ago

kuch bhi, itna confidence aata kaha se hai ?

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3 years ago



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