(IMP) Prelims 2020 – Chat Live with Zeeshan Sir on Habitat – Score Boosting Discussions | Starting tomorrow, daily 9:00 pm (Link inside)

Last Chance to Boost your Prelims Score – Chat Live with Zeeshan Sir on Civilsdaily’s Habitat. Daily at 9:00 pm.

Click here for Civilsdaily’s Habitat (instructions below)

Dear students,

You must have certainly heard of Nitro Boosters if you haven’t seen one in some random Bollywood movie. They are often used in the last leg of a bike race to get that extra speed and torque.

But hold on. What does this have to do with your Prelims 2020 marks?

As you are well aware that with the evolving nature of UPSC Prelims, knowledge alone acts just like the fuel in your superbike that provides you with the much-needed momentum. But is it sufficient to win this fateful race?

Zeeshan Sir, who has been spearheading the celebrated Tikdam Series shall be available for one-on-one LIVE chat sessions, daily for a limited period of time on CIVILSDAILY HABITAT.

Here, you can personally interact with Zeeshan sir, ask doubts, learn, discuss, and better internalize these skills to emerge more confident to face the Prelims 2020 exam.

tikdam upsc prelims 2020 current affairs

Here, Logical Solving Techniques (Tikdams) will act as your Nitro Boosters. And with less than a month remaining for Prelims 2020, there can’t be a better time to retrofit your superbike with these. Remember, countless many are already using these Nitro Boosters (Tikdams) to get that extra edge over their competitors.

Ever heard of Nitro Boosters being given for free. Grab the Opportunity. Because if you don’t, others will, certainly.

Click here for Civilsdaily’s Habitat for Zeeshan sir’s discussions


If you are already on Habitat, you don’t need to register again. Discussions will take place on General group. See you at 9:00 pm tomorrow. Others follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link provided above.
  2. Choose Web Application. (Mandatory)
  3. Enter your details. Click on ‘Register a new account’.
  4. Choose a username.
  5. That is it. Welcome to Habitat.

For access through Mobile app:

  1. Install the Mobile application (click here) from your Appstore.
  2. Use the same email id and password as you used above.

Should you encounter any issue in this process or you have a query, reach out to us at +91 89299 87787 or hello@civilsdaily.com

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