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Group Studies for UPSC-CSE has it’s pros and cons. At it’s best, you are exposed to highly competitive and helpful aspirants who will share their knowledge and resources with you. You also get to discuss and debate on important current affairs issues with like-minded peers. When everyone transparently shares their marks, you get motivated to perform better. You will also understand easy ways to complete your preparation from another person.

But, many a times this ideal is not achieved and group studies initiatives fail. This is because there is no one to lead the group and provide a structured agenda for everyone to follow. Every aspirant is busy, wrapped up in their own schedule that they don’t meet up often.

At Civilsdaily, we are bridging this gap and turning the ideal to reality. Our mentors lead the telegram channels and give a direction for all aspirants to contribute. Doubts are resolved, notes are shared, timetable is laid out for everyone to complete.

Our Telegram Channel will Have these 6 Aspects

1. Daily Mains Sessions in the Morning

2. Daily Prelims Session in the Evening

3. Detailed Timetable

4. Daily Accountability

5. Material sharing by peer group members

6. Doubt Resolution by Mentors

How to Join Civilsdaily Telegram Channel?

Join via the below link or scan the QR Code:

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch
💥Mentorship New Batch Launch