(Join webinar using this link) How to choose an Optional for UPSC-CSE 2023| Webinar by PRABHAT GYANENDRA SINGH, IRPS

UPSC 2023 strategy and how to choose optional

Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84167109252?pwd=MWtaVXgxdWJkUk9DNWU2TG8zWTJEZz09

There is no dearth of advice floating around on the internet about ‘How to choose an optional subject for UPSC!’. Are those enough for an aspirant to make the right decision and score 350+ out of 500? 

Some websites suggest ‘Hindi Literature’ for Hindi medium students and ‘Sociology’ for English medium. It’s extremely important to justify what are the exact principles that must be taken under scrutiny while selecting your optional subject. Because you have to choose 1 optional, not randomly and it will decide your rank for IAS.

Is it only subjective interest that will work for you or should it be helpful to GS & essay papers too or highly scoring itself? 

Attend the free live webinar conducted by Civilsdaily’s topper PRABHAT GYANENDRA SINGH to understand how to select the optional subject for UPSC to have an edge over the competition.

Webinar Details

A busy IRPS Officer like PRABHAT GYANENDRA SINGH  is free only on a Sunday. But he loves to dedicate his Sundays to mentoring upcoming civil servants. So join him and give your UPSC preparation a new Edge and direction! This webinar is absolutely free. All aspirants are heartily welcome to attend.

Date: 1st May 2022 (Sunday)

Time: 3 to 4 PM

Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84167109252?pwd=MWtaVXgxdWJkUk9DNWU2TG8zWTJEZz09

Infallible Tips to Learn in This Free Live Webinar by IRPS PRABHAT GYANENDRA SINGH

  • How can aspirant’s academic and personal interests guide in choosing one’s optional?
  • What is the Optional subject’s contribution to the General Studies curriculum?
  • In the recent past, Discussion on performance of various optional subject (past 5 years)
  • Effective Time Management for optional.
  • Various Benefits and Drawbacks of Humanity Optional
  • Why I will not follow the crowd. What are the difficulties it faces?
  • Discussion on Literature (optional) and its ramifications
  • Why should you be cautious before enrolling in Public Administration and Law?
  • Implications of selecting the incorrect optional on your preparation and result.
UPSC Topper - Singh Prabhat Gyanendra, UPSC 2019, AIR 377 - Mock Interview  with Civilsdaily - YouTube


PRABHAT GYANENDRA SINGH was a B.sc Statistics from Gujarat University, M.G. Science college.  He completed his LL.B from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University LL.M. – I.P.S. Roorkee, UTU. On a personal level, he pursued further education, especially in public policy. In his attempt of CSE 2019 with Law as an optional secured All India Rank 377.

Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84167109252?pwd=MWtaVXgxdWJkUk9DNWU2TG8zWTJEZz09

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