Is it worthwhile to join a Civilsdaily Mentorship paid program for civil service? | Anushka’s answer

About Anushka

Hi, I am Anusha. I am a working professional. After my 2 failed attempts, I felt I was lacking direction and decided to join any mentorship program. I have joined Civilsdaily in August 2020. I was assigned Asif Sir as my mentor.

About her mentor:

I have very great experience with my mentor. He would discuss my strengths and weakness in a topic and then use to give the targets for the week. Even if I don’t lift the scheduled call, he would message me asking my well being and my availability to discuss my progress in completing the targets.

My experience with UAP 2020 program:

In my previous attempts I have concentrated only on reading and jumping from one source to another.

Samachar Manthan helped me to start writing.

I was getting customized plan yet because of my hectic workload and other reasons, I wasn’t able to complete my targets. My mentor patiently listened to my problems and gave me motivation and way around to complete my targets.

I would surely bet that had not I have joined this initiative, I would have lost in the mid-way. Because preparing on your own being an working professional have its own challenges.

I would conclude that if one can afford the course given time constraints and exhaustive syllabus, Civilsdaily mentorship is worth joining for.

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