Plan it TODAY! Less Than 300 Days To Go For UPSC 2022 || Start Preparing The Right Way, Today! Register and get Personalized Schedule to begin your Preparation

Dear aspirants,

No one becomes an IAS officer by waiting.

They start their preparation right away and in the right way!

UPSC has released the dates for the 2022 exams and you have less than 300 days to crack it. The urgency is real. You do not have the time to try things that do not work. You do not have the time to make mistakes. And you do not have the time to learn from these mistakes. Everything you do from today onwards will matter and it’s extremely important that you start your preparation with the right approach!

So, what can you do TODAY that can make you an officer in 2022?

  1. Get the right plan in place – Speak with one of our senior mentors at Civilsdaily and get a personalised study plan that matches your learning pace. Plan your study in a way that you can remain consistent and focused every single day! From breaking down the syllabus to organising your study material, let an expert guide you through the process so you don’t make any mistakes that other aspirants make.
  2. Get the right mentor to help – You can be a fast runner but if you run in the wrong direction, you will end up getting lost. Getting the right guidance is the most crucial aspect of the preparation and it can make or break or career. You can spend a lot of time and effort in trying to find what to do and what not to do OR you can save your time by learning EXACTLY what to do! Speak with us and we will help you find the right mentor DEDICATED to you! Start preparing with a personal mentor for guidance.
  3. Get the right study material – In UPSC, you have to know the difference between what to study and what not to study! Do not spend a single minute in reading things that are not relevant. Our mentors gather the most important study materials in a concise way to reduce your effort. Gain this advantage over other aspirants and start preparing the smart way!
  4. Stay consistent – We all know that UPSC is a marathon and consistency is the key. Our dedicated mentors make sure you remain focused throughout your preparation. Receive personal care and support from our experienced mentors and spend every day getting ready to crack this exam. Every day counts!
  5. Study-Assess-Study – Start preparing for your exam with a strategy that improves you continuously. Our mentorship program helps you through a unique cycle of study-assess-study for maximum impact. Start your studies with a plan, assess your improvement with the help of our mentors, and go back to studies with stronger feedback. Improve every day!

Here’s the fact: Every day that you waste doing the wrong things takes you away from your dream.

Speak with our mentors TODAY and start preparing the right way. The countdown has already begun.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch