Last Day Before Prelims

And just like that D day is finally upon us.

Most of you would be wondering what gyaan can I give you a day before the exam. And frankly there is nothing much to say. Just a few general things I wanted all of you to know. As time is of utmost essence I will keep the post very short.

First thing first, don’t panic – Trust me you all know enough to score 110+ in 2015 type paper or 100+ in 2014 like paper but all of you won’t score that much. You would make mistakes. So onus is upon you to make sure you give your best. And you can give your best only if you don’t panic.

But that does not mean, you should experience no arousal, no anxiety. Optimum performance is achieved only in the zone of optimum arousal.

Think of a stage artist, he generally performs much better in front of live audience than he does sitting at home. Audience gives him that necessary arousal. Similarly exam setting must give you that kick that takes your performance higher than what you achieved in mocks.

After that it’s important to be ready for the exam –So don’t wait for the evening and –

  • get your admit card printed if you have not already
  • Read all the instructions carefully and
  • arrange all the necessary stuff – ball point pen of required colour, photographs, id card, watch, chocolates, cashew, almonds etc.
  • Finalize your attire – comfortable and also the one which makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Finalize your transport arrangement and the timings ( leave well before time)

What to do in the day and night

  • Simple revise, revise, revise.
  • Do not discuss, do not argue.
  • Firstly revise the mistakes you had made in the various mock test papers.
  • Current affair notes of yours
  • Curry affairs – science – tech and international – June to Feb
  • Spectrum – modern India summary of chapters
  • Just flip through the pages of 2 NCERTs of geography – look at all the maps
  • Polity and ecology titbits
  • Economy solved papers –
  • go through economics concepts simplified bundle very quickly – don’t take more than an hour
  • Any other thing you find important

This should fill up your day.

Go to bed early at night. Have a good night of sleep. I know it can be difficult but at least lie down on the bed with your eyes closed and do not get up.

Check your stuff once again in the morning. Leave for the centre well before time.

In the exam hall –

  • Fill up your details correctly
  • Don’t argue with invigilators
  • 2 hours is more than enough for general studies paper – so don’t worry about the time ‘- fir bhi do analyse where you are after half an hour
  • Don’t target a specific number of marks or attempts
  • In the 1st go of half an hour or so – mark all those you are sure of
  • Then start using all the tikdams, logical guesses, elimination – everything we learnt with utmost caution
  • Don’t be too conservative in your marking – but don’t make blind guesses
  • Read questions carefully and options even more carefully
  • Fill up your OMR sheet with even more care
  • Come out of the exam hall cheerful
And just like that you will ace the paper 1

CAST apne aap sambhal loge 

Always remember

Let it be known to everyone, how badly you want this service.

I wish you all the very best for the exam. Go there – express yourself.

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By Dr V

Doctor by Training | AIIMSONIAN | Factually correct, Politically not so much | Opinionated? Yes!

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