Launch of Samachar Manthan 2020 – Core and Current Affairs Build Up



Dear students,

We are delighted to launch Samachar Manthan for 2019-2020. The course is designed to help you develop a solid command on your newspaper reading and current affairs analyzing skills. Since it builds your core, it is important for both prelims and mains.

What are we offering and how is it unique?

1. Mentorship and guidance taken to a whole new level 

Once you enroll, you’ll be assigned a one on one mentor group headed by Sajal Sir and rankers like Dr. Vipin Garg AIR 20, Swapnil Pawar AIR 525 and others.

Our past students have found this immensely beneficial.

  • A convenient way to resolve your doubts and queries.
  • You’ll be provided with value-added materials.
  • You’ll have an ecosystem to study and learn from.
  • Above all, it will help you stay focused every day 

2. 4 stage structure of Video->Notes->Testing->Review to perfect your preparation

The sequence of Video->Notes->Testing->Review is the best way to ensure maximum retention and a rock solid preparation. Each component of the program has been meticulously crafted.

3. Our video lectures and notes on weekly CA are brief but comprehensive

Click on the playlist to check out all videos.

Packed 3 – 3.5 hours Weekly videos will focus on news and its importance from both prelims and mains perspective. Sajal Sir will take care of the topics such as Economy, Polity, International Relations, etc. Rakesh Sir will help you cover topics related to Science & Technology, Geography, Environment.

We understand that the UPSC exam is a generalist exam. It’s more important to cover more issues than to cover one issue in more depth. Hence, we maintain a fine balance of covering cover many important news items and have a detailed discussion on selected topics which require the same.

This program will also help you understand how to utilize current affairs in all your prelims and mains papers.

This ideology makes this course the best utilization of your time.

Wide coverage of topics: As per the latest trends, UPSC had been asking questions from varied sources so we have covered topics not only from Hindu and Indian Express but also from various other sources such as Yojna, Kurukshetra, Live Mint, India Year Book, PIB, Down to Earth, etc.

4. Guest Lectures on specific issues by ranker holders like Swapnil Sir, Parth Sir, etc

Besides the above, you will have access to our monthly magazines and weekly notes/links to important news/external material. You will have access to all modules included in our Mentorship program – Study-plan, strategy discussion, specific weaknesses, overall guidance. Since our mentors will have information about your performance

5. Weekly Mains Test and Evaluation by our team of subject experts

The video and notes will be followed by a test released every weekend. It will have 10 high-quality questions. This will complete your study loop and enhance your retention.

>Mains level questions with feedback.

> Answer Enhancement

We chose the Question & Answer format because it is perfectly aligned with the requirements of the exam. Having information is very different from presenting it in an answer with a proper structure. This will help in better retention of prelims specific information and prepare a solid ground for your mains prep.

After every 2nd test you attempt, you can reach out to our mentors for personalized feedback.

6. Current Affairs Monthly Prelims Test package

This was a feedback we received from many students who desired more focus on Prelims based preparation. Hence, we included monthly Current Affairs Tests.

7. Other important material like Monthly Magazines, Listicles, etc.  


Samachar Manthan Yearly with Answer Writing Module 2019-20(June 2019 to May 2020)- Rs. 16000 + taxes Click2Join

Samachar Manthan Yearly 2019-20(June 2019 to May 2020)- Rs.11,000 + taxes Click2Join

Samachar Manthan Half Yearly 2019-20(June 2019 to November 2019)-Rs.7000 + taxes Click2Join

Samachar Manthan Half Yearly with Answer Writing Module 2019-20(June 2019 to November 2019)- Rs. 10,000 + taxesClick2Join

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