(LAUNCHED) Revealed by Zeeshan Hashmi – Score 30+ marks above the IAS prelims cut-offs | New Habitat Club- Link inside (limited seats)

UPSC IAS Prelims paper is becoming trickier day by day. Merely covering the syllabus is not enough. You must know how to attempt the paper.

Many times you face confusing options or feel the topic asked in question is relatable but the question, unsolvable. So, how to solve such prelims question with limited or almost zero knowledge about the topics.

What is Revealed by Zeeshan sir?

It is an intensive 10 days workshop on Habitat. Zeeshan sir will be teaching logical prelims paper solving skills and intelligent elimination techniques to help you solve MCQs in IAS Prelims exam.

A practical approach will be followed and you will be daily practicing these techniques with the master of this art.

Why you should join the club?

There are several reasons but broadly these will help you to:

  1. Focus on the application part of the knowledge for IAS prelims.
  2. Tackle MCQ questions with limited or almost no knowledge of the topic asked in the question.
  3. Eliminate effectively and intelligently with a high accuracy of almost 95%
  4. Will make you confident to tackle any question in the exam hall for IAS prelims.

You won’t be bothering about the cut-offs ever again.

How sessions are going to take place?

Habitat is a chat-based learning platform and here Zeeshan sir will be handholding and guiding you all through the course.

Daily two sessions are planned in the manner as explained below.

Session 1

Here Zeeshan sir will be teaching you the logical techniques and intelligent elimination methods to tackle and solve an MCQ.

A practical hands-on approach will be followed in this session. Around 25 MCQs will be shared with you and different techniques will be used to solve them.

Session 2

In this session, you will be having an enriching discussion and practice session among the peers. The whole process will be administered by Zeeshan sir.

How to attend Revealed sessions and join the Revealed club?

After you have enrolled for the course, you will receive a confirmation email along with the link of the Revealed Habitat club.

You can also access the link in the Curriculum section above.

Click on the link. Join the club and tag Zeeshan sir using @ before zeeshan.h and introduce yourself.

Zeeshan sir will take over from there.

Schedule and timetable

A daily schedule/plan will be shared in the Revealed Habitat club with you.

Program inclusion:

  • Membership to the Revealed club by Zeeshan sir
  • 10 days intensive workshop on Habitat
  • Twice a day sessions with Zeeshan sir

Note: Check your registered email inbox for the Habitat link. You can also access the link from the Curriculum section above.

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2 years ago

Please can you fix your website!! News summaries from the previous dates are not visible properly. Only 3 articles per date are showing up. Very inconvenient!!


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