[Selection Test] Launching 1 year Ultimate Assessment Program – 270-day plan to help you crack UPSC.

Key Takeaways
Submissions open till 30th December. Copies to be emailed to testcopies@civilsdaily.com. Follow the submission guidelines mentioned. Results Announced soon after.
Click here for the 270-day plan – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NY75aeTIUB6-rNPIlwLR6MzMewebNrXR

Dear Students,

If you have asked any experienced aspirant, he/she will tell you that reading more and more has very little incremental value. The sources are more or less standard and depending upon your caliber, time and effort, you will finish then sooner or later.

If you are not giving tests and regularly assessing yourself, your chances of getting through are almost zero. All the reading and lectures become meaningless.

Testing yourself helps you in the following

1. Helps you improve your recall rate. Reproduce what you have studied.

2. Articulation of thoughts in limited words and time can only be achieved if you practice enough. This is especially true for Mains Test Series.

3. Being thorough with a prelims or mains TS maximizes your chances to score on any question that is repeated.
Check out our repeated questions here –

UPSC Mains 2018 GS Paper 1 – Solutions, Sample Structures and Repeated Questions from CD Mains TS

4. Finally, it helps you build an exam temperament. This is the most critical skill.
We have come up with a very comprehensive program to ensure you get the adequate push and are always on your A game.

Starting this January, we have come up with the Ultimate Assessment Program. It has an exhaustive 270-day plan to ensure you have the best chance of selection this very year.

270-day plan – Click here to view the complete plan

270-day plan – Click here to view the complete plan

The program will include – CD Prime TS + Mains Test Series + Essay + Samachar Manthan Yearly with Answer Writing Module + SIP.  (SM weekly tests will be converted to Monthly Tests to align with the rigorous schedule.)

Besides, we will also provide the following

  1. Dedicated Timetable.
  2. Mentors will track progress and punctuality. Small breaks are okay but long stretches of no study will not be tolerated. Mentors will ask you to pull up your sleeves.
  3. Telephonic follow up after your tests to rectify your mistakes and revise your strategy.
  4. Telegram Group – To ensure peer pressure and follow up by mentors.
  5. Free access to all our new products and subject-specific lectures. (this is only for the introductory batches)

We are conducting a Selection Test. Top 3 students will be enrolled for FREE. Promising students will be provided with discounts. 

Conventionally, institutes have held selection tests but they have had hardly any value. Students attempting in the online mode were easily able to google questions and there were no mechanisms to check genuine attempts.
We are following a different approach. We have created 5 questions which are very analytical in nature and googling them will have close to no benefit.

Since the number of entries will be very high, we will assess you on the following –

  1. Exceptional introduction and conclusion aligned with the demand
  2. Language and expression
    *Though UPSC is not hyper about spelling and grammatical mistakes, we expect you to at least give us a polished attempt.
  3. Structure
  4. Out of box/innovative points – *Please underline these so we don’t skip these*.


Submission Guidelines
1. All the details asked in the cover page attached need to be present. If you are not in a position to take a print out, simply put all those details in the top page.

2. The submissions need to be emailed to testcopies@civilsdaily.com with the subject – UAP-<name>-<phonenumber>


Eligibility – At least 1 round of reading of basic NCERTs.

Selection Test

  1.  “The rise and expansion of the British empire was an accident rather than the result of deliberate policy and design.” Critically examine this statement. (15 marks).
  2. The Western Indian School of Painting is a story of continuity. It not only inspired the future painting traditions but also borrowed from past traditions. Discuss (10 marks).
  3. Intra-party democracy is indispensable for substantive democracy in India. Comment. (10 marks).
  4. Resource distribution is a key factor influencing its price. Justify this statement in the context of contemporary crude oil prices. (15 marks)
  5. Growth in labor-intensive sectors in India has lagged behind. Present a comparative analysis wrt China and the other East Asian Countries and discuss the reasons. (15 marks).

Introductory Price – Rs. 40K + Taxes
*Existing students can upgrade to this program.

Click here for the complete list of all our programs

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5 years ago

Are we supposed to send handwritten answers or word file is allowed? What all needs to be added other than personal details? Where is cover page attached?

prayas gupta
prayas gupta
5 years ago
Reply to  mOHmaYAA

You can write on A4 and mail the scanned copies. Details to be given :- Name,Number and Email-ID.


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