How to bounce back strongly after the 2021 prelims failure? | Free webinar by Sajal sir

Failing to qualify Prelims does not mean that you give up! There have been top rankers in the history of UPSC who failed to qualify Prelims multiple times but learned from each mistake and kept improving themselves. Pranav Vijayvargiya (AIR Rank 65) 2020 is the biggest example of this. He failed consecutively in 2 prelims but he kept himself motivated and finally got (AIR Rank 65) under the guidance of Sajal sir.

Fear of failure keeps you from learning and this is not the time to lose hope! It may be a tough situation but there’s still a lot you can learn from it.

Sajal Sir has helped over 400 aspirants secure ranks in the last 6 years. He has helped 30 students secure ranks in the top 100 in UPSC 2020. He knows about success but he also knows how success is built from lessons of failure. He knows how bad the situation may become if you don’t qualify for Prelims but he also knows how to use that learning to crack the exam. And that’s the secret he will share with you in an absolutely free webinar.

What will you learn in the webinar?

  1. How to keep yourself motivated in this exam process whose gestation period is very high.

2. How to cope up with failures in this exam cycle

3. How to maintain consistency during preparation

3. How to re-start preparation again for the 2022 exam

4. Which mistakes to avoid in your next attempt

5. Blueprint of your preparation plan. When to start preparation for prelims again.

6. How to utilize these next 4 months before you start preparing for prelims again.

7. What to study, From where to study, and how to study.

8. Smart study-related practical strategies which work on the ground.

9. 4-2-4 Model of Preparation

10. Open 1-1 Q&A session with Sajal sir

Join Sajal sir for the free webinar and take the first step towards cracking the exam in the upcoming attempt!

Date: 16/10/21

Time: 7 p.m.

This is what Pranav Vijayvergiya (AIR 65) had to say about his experience of studying under the guidance of Sajal Sir:

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