(Live) Samarth 2022: Webinar for Working Professionals | How to clear UPSC exam by studying 5 hours everyday? | (3 pm,today) (ZOOM link inside the post)

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  • Webinar date: 23rd May 2021, Sunday
  • Time: 3 PM afternoon
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It’s not anybody’s guess why in general life army personnel are highly disciplined. Their precision in every field of life is emulatable. They almost internalise these everyday learnings and develop them as lifestyle traits.

The case is very similar with the civil services aspirants too, who take up the task of clearing one of the toughest exams in India, in addition to being a working professional. Given the rigours of life, they are subjected to, they already know what they have to sacrifice and what regime they need to follow.

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If we sift through the previous year results, we can easily come across such examples. Aspirants facing the harshness of the work environment are bound to earn the incentives of time management, critical thinking and discipline. I mean, who would not remember Anu Kumari here. Despite being a working woman, a wife and a mother, she proved many of her naysayers wrong. Mind you, she was not just working but was also a lady in many life roles with a two-year-old kid wanting the comfort of a mothers presence.

Now if she is not enough motivation, what else is! She is a shining star in our Hall of Fame. Okay, let me mention another bright example, Kunal Aggarwal. He was very well sorted and settled with a decent life at Goldman Sachs. Dream job for many. Navigating all the odds at work and busy schedules, he managed to follow the guidelines provided by Civilsdaily, he made it through in stages. There’s a story we will discuss in our webinar. He is again an example worth following. Our hall of fame is actually full of many such names.

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We can go on and on with a lineup that may never end. But the bottom line, which most of our successful working aspirants agreed with, was the time management and course curriculum they were made part of while at CD. The able guidance team and the evidence-based entire training structure pays at the end when the final recommendation list comes out. Trust me, we are elated. At times more than the students.

So, let me invite you to the webinar which I am specifically holding for Working Professionals or Junta on the coming Sunday 23rd May at 3 PM afternoon. It will be epic in many ways. We will discuss many doubts faced by the working junta over a one-to-one live chat. Also, we will come to know about the specifics of the exam and the evolving pattern.

Summarily, in this webinar, you can expect to learn about:

  • Mistakes that can cost you an attempt?
  • What to do to master the IAS-Exam being a working professional?
  • How to clear the exam, adhering to a “5-hour Step-by-Step learning plan”?
  • An interactive Q&A session with an experienced audience?
  • Important Civilsdaily softcopies takeaway for exam preparation.
  • Civilsdaily Joining Bonus ( Only for Sunday registrations )

Moreover, if UPSC 2022 is your first attempt, I will call you personally.

But for that, book your seat in this webinar by filling up a small form with your details and one specific query which you want to get addressed.

Meet you soon!

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A quick bit about Sudhanshu Mishra:

Sudhanshu has the first-hand experience of 3 mains and two interviews of UPSC. He has served in the defense ministry for 10 years with keen interests in regional and global geopolitics and has ample experience of various other competitive exams as well.

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