[Live]UPSC Prelims 2023 – Question Paper, Answer Key, Solutions with Explanations

Prelims 2023 is here. And we are all with you. We will keep updating this section with all the necessary details.

Message from entire Civilsdaily’s Team

Good luck for tomorrow from the entire Civilsdaily Family. This is not a feel-good post but a hard-hitting one because life isnt feel good and upsc definitely isnt feel good. Tomorrow is an important day, and having the right mindset is crucial. Ultimately, Prelims is a mind game.

1. **Going from strength to strength**

Molightson’s story is significant. He comes from the Maring tribe in Manipur, leading a content life with limited exposure to the outside world. His painful experiences with city life and hotel management could’ve made him bitter. But not him. He learned to handle pressure. He appeared for Prelims amidst riots in Manipur. He could’ve said Prelims is not worth risking his life, given his slim chances. Instead of blaming the world for his problems, he looked inward and went from strength to strength. The right kind of people have this attitude.

2. **Control the controllables**

Anything you do in life with a 0.1% success rate will have uncontrollable elements. Your hard work and the inner force to push your limits are necessary conditions but not sufficient. To achieve success, many factors need to come together. Animesh, AIR 2 was battling his Mom’s cancer(where he eventually lost) on one front and fighting UPSC on the other(where he aced like none). We all want to win all fights. But all we can do is give our best and leave the rest to destiny. If you haven’t done your best, putting your best foot forward to control what you can; then you dont have the right to blame what you can’t control.

3. **Choices you make**

You always have a choice in how to respond to a situation. Consider last year’s Prelims. Many came out saying elimination techniques were ineffective. Yet, every ranker used a spectrum of elimination techniques, few requiring solid prior knowledge and deep conceptual understanding, while others requiring none.

Many rankers have held sessions with us, solving the Prelims paper and explaining the same.

What happened here? Your response was reactive. UPSC tricked you into believing what your institutes taught you was worthless. Those who could stop these thoughts gave their best. Tomorrow is not about content, or academics. That is something you can fix with time. It is about getting these life lessons right. It is about building this kind of resilience.

Not sure whether UPSC intended its candidates to be this tough. But the kind of folks entering the services NOW definitely have the right mindset.

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