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Dear all,

We’ve built an amazing community of students preparing for civil services.

How we differ is in our approach to mentorship. It has been the key focus area for Civilsdaily.

The concept is simple. With the high levels of competition, students need handholding so they can build the initial momentum and get a rhythm going on. In an age of content overload, we’ve observed even the best minds lose precious time when they start out – experimenting around all the topper tips, trying different sources, arbitrary way of studying, no proper planning, and many other factors lead to wastage of both time and effort.

More often than not the price to pay is not just the first attempt, but a lack of energy and motivation leading to suboptimal subsequent attempts.

We are far from perfecting this system. It’s still a work in progress. But regardless, it is the best system that exists in the current UPSC preparation domain.

We are looking for like-minded people, who resonate with the problem we are trying to solve. This post is to specifically invite candidates with exceptional optional skills to teach and mentor students.

  1. Preference to those who already have an ongoing course.
  2. Should be extremely well-versed with the optional.
  3. Should very clearly understand how to score well in the paper. This is different from having knowledge.

Interested candidates can go ahead and fill the form given at the end of the careers page –

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By Er S

Helping the community learn better

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Anant Dubey
2 years ago

Is this program for those who r still civil service aspirant or faculty can also try for that work


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