*IMP – Mains Essentials Program 2019 for 2018 Interview Cleared Students


If you have cleared interviews last year, then most of you are re-appearing for the exam either because you missed by a small margin or because you want to improve your rank. 

We would like to assure you that we are the best partners for you in this mission. And having us on your side will maximize your chances of getting through. Check out the list of repeated questions from our papers –

UPSC Mains 2018 GS Paper 1 – Solutions, Sample Structures and Repeated Questions from CD Mains TS

UPSC Mains 2018 GS Paper 4 – Solutions, Sample Structures and Repeated Questions from CD Mains TS

Our mentors have consistently scored high marks in GS papers. They have missed out because of their score in optional papers or because of sheer bad luck. We are absolutely confident that their insights and suggestions will benefit you to score much higher in the exam. 

Hence, we have decided to provide you with our first test GS Paper 1 for FREE. We want to demonstrate how our feedback and answer checking is much more superior than others.
Besides, having students who have already cleared the exam immensely benefits other students who are preparing for mains with us and raises the bar for them.
Interested students are requested to email their DAFs + Marksheets with interview marks to hello@civilsdaily.com.
Post that you will be provided with GS1 paper. Once you attempt the paper, personalized feedback will be given to you.
For this specific exam, we don’t expect you to give a full-fledged timed test. The next rounds will be more strict. Try to attempt the full paper, after a decent revision. Would advise against an open book test though.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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