31 Dec 2017 | Target Mains | Question 11

Ethics test

Q.11) You are hearing a case in court. The case is that of rash driving where a 16 year old boy has hit 3 people on road. Out of them, 1 person who was the only earning member in the family died on the spot. The boy is the son of a reputed IAS officer in the city. At the time of accident, he had come from a party and was drunk. The officer is one of your good friends. He asks you not to punish the child as this would spoil his career and it was by mistake. He requests you that this judgement will have a big impact on the career of his son. What are the ethical conflicts in the case? What are the various options before you? Discuss them with their merits and demerits. Are moral and ethical values of parents and the upbringing of children by them to be held responsible in such cases?


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