A judge of the Supreme Court has been part of a judgment. Now the matter has been referred to a five judge bench in which he is also a member. The judge is known for his honesty and integrity. But there is immense pressure on him to recuse himself as his presence brings potential conflict of interest. But he refuses to do so. In your view, what should be the most appropriate conduct in this situation? Give adequate reasons for the justification of your view. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction first identify the stakeholders in the case and explain the case involved.
  • In the body discuss the case of potential “Conflict of interest” involved; define what you understand by it, how such situations can be resolved. Give your opinion as to what should be the position of the judge; what are the routes available to him. Discuss and evaluate each option and justify your viewpoint.
  • Conclude with ethical solutions that satisfy the situation without harming or causing wrongs to the stakeholders involved.
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