A Pandemic has broken out and the only key in sight is a drug developed by a group of doctors and scientists. The issue, however, is that the drug is not yet tested. If the standard testing protocol is adhered to, it would take at least a year to get the final approval for human consumption. By that time, the pandemic would have taken millions of lives already. The only possible way to expedite trials is to test the drug directly on human beings. It effectively means replacing animals with humans for trial. Furthermore, there would hardly be any volunteer for such trials. In the meantime, there is an idea floating around the countries. Why not choose the convicts of murders and rapes serving capital punishment for the trials? Even if they die during the trials, it would hardly be a loss to the society and if they survive, their lives would be of some worth for the society after-all. What do you think? Should prisoners be forced to undergo the trial? Examine and Substantiate your choice.10 Marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly explain how the current case captures the ethical dilemma where lives of humans are weighed against the larger good of society.
  • In the body firstly, one must bring out the ethical values involved in the case such as – Violation of human rights,
    the debate of means vs. ends, concept of larger good etc.
    Then one should define the ethical dilemma involved in the situation.
    Identify the stakeholders involved; discuss the concerns associated with each of them.
    Examine the pros and cons of the move.
  • Conclude by suggesting a balanced solution to such a situation where ethical concerns of all the
    stakeholders are addressed. Justify your stand with suitable substantiation.
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