Answer the following questions: (a) Discuss few criterias used to define a trait as positive? (7.5 Marks) (b) How does optimism work and what positive functions does it serve? (7.5 Marks)

(a) Discuss a few criteria used to define a trait as positive?

Traits are internal characteristics that define an individual. They influence the meanings we give to life events, the goals we select, and the actions we take.

  • The criteria are discussed below:

(a) Examine whether a particular individual characteristic enhances or diminishes a person’s level of happiness. A positive quality may increase the experience of positive emotions, decrease negative emotions, or increase life satisfaction.

(b) From the eudaimonic well-being point of view, Positive qualities are those that enhance mental health, foster high-quality relations with others, and contribute to success in meeting life’s many challenges. This leads to a contented life.

(c) The trait should showcase the virtuous behavior and strength of character, as defined by religion and culture. Examples of traits defining people of good character include modesty, humility, kindness, forgiveness, bravery, and integrity. Character strengths may increase our life satisfaction and make life more meaningful and healthy.


(b) How does optimism work and what positive functions does it serve?

Optimism is the tendency to believe, expect or hope that things will turn out well. Optimists believe that their own actions result in positive things happening, that they are responsible for their own happiness, and that they can expect more good things to happen in the future.

Optimists don’t blame themselves when bad things happen. They view bad events as results of something outside of themselves.

  • The positive function does it serve are:

(a) It acts as a source of motivation as it projects that outcomes will be good.

(b) It is better at dealing with stress as they confront problems and try to solve them.

(c) It leads to creative problem solving, offset the effects of negative emotions, and increase the likelihood of social support from other people.

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