Buddhist teachings can be a good lesson in developing ethics related to use and application of Artificial Intelligence. Comment. 10 marks

  • Begin by elaborating the era of Artificial Intelligence and need for developing ethics related to its use.
  • In the body mention how Buddhist teachings can show us the way in the developing ethics for the use and application of AI based solutions.The implication of this teaching for artificial intelligence is that any ethical use of AI must strive to decrease pain and suffering. Mention the Do No Harm principle, Compassion, Justice and Accountability etc which the Buddhist philosophy emphasis on can be used to develop ethics for AI.
  • Complete the answer by stressing on other facets that are needed to have ethics in AI.
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Komal Dwivedi
Komal Dwivedi
1 year ago

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Deepika Saini
Deepika Saini
1 year ago

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