“Civil Servants should be fully aware of office politics, however they should be minimally concerned with it”. Critically examine the statement. (250 words)

Civil Servants are expected to work in offices within various organizations. For them it is important they should know about office politics so that they know what is going on in the organization. They must be aware of the happenings around them. Being aware of politics gives him a view of the way things are progressing.

At the same time, however, it is essential that they should not be affected by this politics or make themselves a part of any of the group otherwise it will lead to a split within the organization finally leading to a decrease in the efficiency of the workers. They should not be biased to any group in the organization and must stay away from the group politics.

It is important the civil servants should make sure that the internal politics of the workers does not affect the work performance of the organization. For this, they should strike a balance with the workers. If the civil servants themselves become a part of office politics, it will lead to biases and the leader showing favor towards a particular group and this will give rise to factionalism and split.

So, it is the responsibility of the civil servants to make sure that the efficiency of workers does not get affected due to office politics of organization and for this, they should ensure that they are not involved in the group politics or internal affairs of the organization.

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