Discuss the new public service management model. What are the principles of it? Explain. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction you can briefly explain what new public service management model is.
  • In the body start with the origin of the concept – The concept was propounded by Denhardl and Denhardt.
    Highlight the need for such a system – Explain that the central role of government is to provide service and to improve the service delivery mechanism. Government should run like a
    democracy, not like a business.
    Explain the importance of the new system applied to the Indian context.
  • Conclude by reasserting the significance of it.                                                                                                                                  ANSWER-                                                                                     Introduction: Public administration in the 21st century is undergoing dramatic change, especially in advanced economies, but also in many parts of the developing world. Globalization and the pluralization of service provision are the driving forces behind these changes. Policy problems faced by governments are increasingly complex, wicked and global, rather than simple, linear, and national in focus.                                                                Body:
    Public service management model:
     The New Public Service (NPS) approach is perhaps the most coherent of these approaches.
     It starts with the premise that the focus of public management should be citizens, community and civil society.
     In this conception the primary role of public servants is to help citizens articulate and meet their shared interests rather than to control or steer society.
    The principles of the NPS can be summarized as follows:
     Building collaborative relationships with citizens and groups of citizens.
     Encouraging shared responsibilities.
     Disseminating information to elevate public discourse and to foster a shared understanding of public issues.
     Seeking opportunities to involve citizens in government activities
    Importance of NPS:
     The NPS is in sharp contrast to the philosophical premise of the New Public Management approach in which transactions between public managers and customers reflect individual selfinterest and are framed by market principles.
     It is also distinct from the old public administration approach where citizens related to the bureaucracy as clients or constituents and were treated as passive recipients of top-down policy
    making and service delivery mechanisms.
     Control and hierarchy rather than plurality and engagement characterized these relationships.
     The New Public Service model approaches public management from the vantage point of democratic theory, premised on the notion of an active and involved
     Citizens look beyond narrow self-interest to the wider public interest.
     The role of public officials is to facilitate opportunities for strengthening citizen engagement in find ing solutions to societal problems.
     Public managers need to acquire skills that go beyond capacity for controlling or steering society in pursuit of policy solutions to focus more on brokering, negotiating and resolving
    complex problems in partnership with.
    Conclusion: The NPS approach also reasserts the importance of a public service ethos, emphasizing the values and motivations of public servants dedicated to the wider public good. In placing a fresh emphasis on the public interest and citizens as the focus of public service, the New Public Service model provides a useful corrective to prevailing notions of control and steering associated with earlier models of public administration and management
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