Ethics Case Study: India is a country of festivals and traditions. You are posted as DM of a district which attracts a large number of pilgrims during the year especially on the day of a particular religious festival. Last year, around 15 pilgrims died due to a stampede on that day as no pre-handed precautions were taken in case the number of pilgrims exceeds than the expected. When it comes to handling the responsibility at such religious places, the primary responsibility lies with the state of taking care of law and order and ensuring safety and security of people assembling at these places. Present a brief plan of action which must be put in place before such events. (150 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

The question has been framed because of the ongoing India’s largest bathing festival ‘Ardh-Kumbh’ where the crowd has increased unexpectedly this year.

Introduction should explain the importance of religion among Indians and how it witnesses large crowds and hence effective and efficient management of crowd required.

Next, mention the importance of following rules and regulations at such places and also the concerned authority’s preparedness to handle the situation.

Further, bring what all preparations are required and can be effective. Arrangement, coordination, shelter and stay home, safety and security, medical facilities, crowd management, disaster or accident preparedness etc.

Bring conclusion based on the points of main body.