Examine the significance of the railways for India. Also, analyse the impact of the recent decision of the Indian Railways towards the privatisation. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-


  • In the intro, mention some figures to highlight the importance of railways for goods and passenger transport.
  • In the body, mention the significant role played by railways in the country with the support of some facts and figures. Next, PPP model is being tried by the Indian railways form operation of some stations to operation of some trains by private players. Mention the advantages like- shorter journey time, efficiency, job growth, safety, quality service etc. In the concerns mention issues like affordability, serving on the unprofitable routes, reservation in the jobs, question of regulator etc.
  • Conclude by stressing the need for railways reforms.
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2 years ago


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Dakshina Moorthy
Dakshina Moorthy
2 years ago

Please review.

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Vashu Dabas
Vashu Dabas
2 years ago

* Indian railway:
Indian railway has been developed and spread all over the country since it was started in India in
1853 .
# It connects the people in all parts of the country with each other not only at very low transport
charges but at a fast and in a very easy reachable way to everyone in the villages and cities in the
country. that is why a very large no of people uses it every day .
# It also plays a great role in transporting goods very efficiently.
# It provides jobs to a large no of people in the country.
* Indian railways privatisation effects:
# It may cause high transport charges . so some people may not be able to afford it who were depended on it .
# It may not serve at the less benificial routs such as in rural areas .
# It will provide much faster transport service .
# It will be more facilitated service to the passangers .
# It will provide more jobs without reservation .
WHAT should be done :
Indian railways privatisation can be done with some conditions signed by the private company to the government by which the needy people will not get out of reach of its facilities with more benifits in jobs and affordable transport charges at every route it may be in rural or urban area .

Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar
2 years ago

Please review