Gandhi and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru differed with each other wrt to the shape of social, economic and political structure of Indian polity after Independence, however both the leaders lived and worked harmoniously during the struggle for freedom. In the light of the above statement bring out the similarities and differences between the ideology of Gandhiji and Nehru? (250 W/ 15 M)

Mentor’s Comment:

Such question are common to our examination and are asked in different form every other years.

Here, the introduction should mention about both the leaders being great to our national freedom. however, there are differences in their thought from development perspective to social, economic and political.

Next mention similarities between both the leaders. Gandhi, due to idealistic view and personality attracted Nehru including many other leaders. Both agreed and believed non violent approach the only logical way to deal with the Britishers. Both were opposing the idea of partition, worked for peasant upliftment, abolished Zamindari and were anti-colonialism. While they differed in levels of spirituality; both of them were staunch critics of communalism etc.

Further, mention the differences on the line of similarities. outlook, idea of democracy, thoughts on economy, foreign policy and affairs, direction of national movement, education etc.

Bring conclusion as per the points of main body.