How is time maintained globally? Examine the recent proposal for two time zones from India’s national timekeeper. (150 W/10 M)


Mentor’s Comment:

The recent demand of two time zones is based on the huge difference in daylight times between the country’s longitudinal extremes and the costs associated with following the same time zones. The introduction should discuss about the new proposal of two time zones by the National time keeper.

Further, need to mention CSIR-NPL research recommending two time zones IST-I and IST-II and the states to follow separate times.

Next, mention how time is maintained globally. i.e. 360 time zones, GMT also known as Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and the details related to it. For India IST is 82.5° east of GMT. Also more than one time zone is followed by different countries.

Next, present the logic behind having two time zones in India. Points like huge economic losses due to early sun set, problem in coordinating times with India’s mainland, we can also include the findings of CSIR –NPL research etc.

Next, bring the problems of having two time zones.

Conclude with the alternative option if any.