How was India benefitted from the contributions of Sir M.Visvesvaraya and Dr M. S. Swaminathan in the fields of water engineering and agricultural science respectively? (10 Marks)

After independence, India did not have enough to feed its burgeoning population and it was forced to subsist on “ship to mouth” existence. At these junctures, two personalities-Sir M Visvesvaraya and MS Swaminathan through scientific and technological innovation have improved India’s capability in water management and agricultural science.

Contribution of M Visvesvaraya:

  • He was instrumental in designing and patenting a system of automatic weir floodgates in 1903.
  • Sir M V was the architect of the Great Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mysuru.
  • He designed a flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad by Mussi River.
  • He is the one who designed a plan for road construction between Tirumala & Tirupati
  • Sir M V played a key role in developing a system to protect the Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion.

Contribution of Dr M. S. Swaminathan:

  • Plant genetics: His dedicated work on plant genetics and agricultural research produced a high-tech invention in wheat crops with staggering results that paved the way for a green revolution in India in the mid-sixties.
  • He created a wheat plant by cross-breeding seeds from Mexico with a local species that yielded plentiful grains compared to traditional varieties.
  • Food fortification: Dr Swaminathan was responsible for developing varieties of crops that were incorporated with certain nutrients that supplemented health benefits for the consuming population. This reduced malnutrition significantly.
  • Hybrid variety of seeds: He was a great force behind developing varieties of Wheat and Rice, which were capable of sustaining variable temperatures, diseases and also gave high yield for the farmers.
  • Food security: India was highly dependent on foreign imports of food grains to be supplied for the population. The green revolution, headed by Dr Swaminathan, was successful in making India a food grain sufficient economy.

If engineering educators in the country commit themselves to guiding students to translate Sir MV’s and M.S Swaminathan formulae — “Work performed with higher knowledge or skill, capacity or ambition usually brings a correspondingly higher reward” — into action.

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