In a municipal town, there are some primary schools and dispensaries where children, especially those living in slums, receive their primary education and basic health care. The schools have good buildings, infrastructure and teachers. However, the quality of primary education is far from satisfactory. The teachers don’t come on time. One day when you went to visit the school, you found out that the learning outcomes of the students is very poor. Similarly, the dispensaries are having good facilities but they hardly live up to the expectations of the people. Whenever poor people approach the health officials (doctors), they are shouted back. The people complain that the doctors are usually absent and are engaged in private practice. As a young and promising Municipal Commissioner of corporation, you want to improve the situation. Based on the situation stated above, answer the following questions. (250 words) (a) How you would improve the working of the dispensary and ensure that doctors and paramedical staff are made accountable? (b) What steps should be taken so that the quality of primary education improves? What are the limitations before you? (c) How to strengthen moral responsibility among teachers and health officials? What would be its effect on the overall performance of the dispensaries and schools?

(a) To improve the working of dispensary and ensure the accountability of the doctors and other staff members, the commissioner can make citizen charter. This will ensure that everyone realised his or her responsibilities. But since it will not be a legal document, if it does not work, the condition may not improve. He can ask the Rogi Kalyan Samiti to be more vigilant in the matter. He should make sure that the schedule for duty hours of the staff is written on board so that they don’t escape their duty. If anyone escapes his/her duty, action can be taken in that case.
He can go for inspection at regular intervals to make sure that the doctors in the dispensary are not engaged in private practice.

(b) To improve the quality of primary education, the should make the teachers realize their duties. They should not merely treat the school as a place of job but realize the role they have to play in providing good quality education to the children. There should be periodic assessment of the performance
to see if the quality of the education improves or not.
Since the commissioner is new, he cannot make the things change overnight. The teachers who are working since long might be resistant to the commissioner. Though it is a time taking move and he will have to be patient with his efforts, but these steps will gradually prove effective in longer run.

(c) To strengthen the moral responsibility among teachers and health officials a medical code of ethics should be enforced for doctors. Similarly for the teachers also, a code should be formulated.
They should be made aware of their duty and compelled to act accordingly. Persuading the doctors and teachers will boost their morale up. They should be made aware about the important role they have in the society and so they must ensure that they fulfill their responsibilities in a efficient manner.

These steps will surely have a positive effect on performance of school and dispensary. The people will not be disappointed when they visit dispensary and receive timely treatment. In the school, the quality will improve and parents will not hesitate in sending their children to government schools.

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