In the context of new social movements of Independent India , Discuss the key features of the New Farmer’s movements. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction start by explaining what constituted new social movements in the independent India.
  • In the body , explain that emerging in 1970s and gaining farther momentum in 1980s, the farmers’ movement in India has
    exposed some newer contradictions of Indian agrarian society. Discuss the key features of these movements in the country. Discuss specific movements and their leadership.
  • Conclude by highlight their significance and their importance even as of today.
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3 years ago

hi, I read your answer. This is my feedback. The answer lacks substance. The question is about New Social Movement, hence you could have written about it in the intro.
Then you could have proceeded with mentioning how the New Farmer movement is different from the old.
There is no continuity or sequence in the answer, everything is in fragments. The person who evaluates will find it irritating to go through it. Answer looks like you have taken taken notes in class.
Also I don’t understand the necessity for the 3rd point. How self-respect movement perpetuated it?
In the conclusion you have mentioned “helped farmers participate in global process to solve their agrarian class struggle” what does it even mean?
Apologies if my criticism was harsh. Hope this will push you harder to give your best.

Last edited 3 years ago by Харе Кришна


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