In the media, it is often reported that civil servants are abused by ministers and are overlooked for promotions despite having seniority for a certain post. Do you think a civil servant should speak against the government when they face such incidences? If you face such an incident in your career how will you react? Critically comment. (15 Marks)

As a Senior Civil servant, I hold a constitutional position which derives its power only from the Constitution of India and not person embodiment of political figures and ministers.

Also, as a civil servant my prime duty is to deliver rightful entitlement and justice to everyone, it includes myself also. Hence if there is absence of any rational reason for not promoting me despite having seniority and clear record, I would raise my voice to the person/committee who took such decision in an internal way so that dignity of institution in question not get questioned.

I will ask for an explanation and if not satisfied with the explanation then will ask for:

  • protocol followed and if none then present any past promotion example or existing constitutional provision for promotion.
  • weightage allotted to age, experience, seniority, past records etc.
  • Future course of action for me to know what is their plan for me.

Such a question may invite some turbulence in the department, but will ensure the codification of guidelines for promotion and will make a protocol for future promotion.

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