In view of the fact that India doesn’t provide option of proxy voting to its domestic people who migrate to other states, is it fair to give such an option to NRIs who live far off. Give arguments in support of your answer. (250 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

Recently the Lok Sabha has allowed non-resident Indians to use proxies to cast votes on their behalfs in Indian Elections. The introduction should explain about the meaning and features of Proxy voting which is currently allowed to only security personnel.

Further, talk about the proxy voting facility for Overseas Electors which will be provided through this system.

Next, bring points is support of how it is fair. It will allow participation of NRIs enshrined under Article 326, The additional votes, polled through this way, will obviously play a crucial role in state and general elections.

Also bring disadvantages of Proxy voting as next point and suggest what could be done to make it better with a balanced conclusion.