India, because of its proximity to Myanmar, its geopolitical role, and its interests, will inevitably be drawn into the situations unfolding in Myanmar occasioned by the military overturning the election results. Examine the factors Indian should consider as it frames its response to the situation. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-
  • In the intro, mention the recent coup in Myanmar after its brief period of democracy.
  • In the body, mention factors that India needs to consider such as sentiments of India Northeastern states, the wide base of the protestors including youth, India’s dependence on cooperation from Myanmar military on counterinsurgency and subversion, and geopolitical factors like the involvement of China and Russia etc.
  • Conclude by mentioning the need to consider whether India wants to be on the side of the future given the factors mentioned above.
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Murari Jha
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Prashant Chaudhary
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