India needs to recognise the national security threat emanating from strategic FDI. This requires identifying threats. In lights of this, examine the types of threats and suggest the ways to deal with it. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-
  • In the intro, mention the threat of opportunistic takeovers when the market was down last year due to pandemic.
  • In the body, mention how FDI could pose threat to the security of a country. However, FDI also serves important purpose in the economy. This requires identifying the FDI which could pose threat to the security from the one which is not a threat. In the next part, mention criteria that could help identify the threat as mentioned in the article.
  • Conclude by mentioning the need for the legislation to deal with such issue as several other countries have done.
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Deepika Saini
Deepika Saini
1 year ago

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