Mahatma Gandhi fostered an attitude of encouraging multiple religious attachments in his discourse; in this context discuss what according to him constitutes practicing plurality? How can it be fostered? 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly explain what religious plurality is.
  • The answer body should have the following key points:
    Add a note on the importance of an identity. Religion in the diversified society like India and introduce Gandhi’s view on religion. Discuss on the various dimensions of Gandhi’s religious philosophy. In brief, elaborate on the present social conditions.
    Examine the relevance of the Gandhian religious philosophy in the present conditions.
  • Conclude by reasserting significance of Gandhian philosophy of religious plurality.
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Dakshina Moorthy
Dakshina Moorthy
1 year ago

Please review the answer

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1 year ago

Sir please check