Mob violence is emerging as a serious challenge for the internal security in India. By giving suitable examples, analyze the causes and consequences of such violence. Give way forwards. (15 Marks)

Mentors Comments:
  • Introduce with examples of mob violence in the country.
  • Examine the reasons for the same – hate speech, social media etc.,
  • Provide solutions – from the community, fraternity to the law as a solution


The 2015 Dadri mob lynching case of Mohammad Akhlaq has started a domino effect where mob violence has become a new normal in India. According to a Reuters report, a total of 63 cow vigilante attacks had occurred in India between 2010 and mid-2017, mostly after 2014 where 82% killed are from Muslim or Dalit community. The perpetrators of such heinous crimes find silent support in political class who turn a blind eye or merely render lip service in opposition to these acts.

Causes of such Mob Violence


  • Sense of impunity: the perpetrators believe to get away with such action especially since police turns mere spectator as in the case of mob violence during Jat reservation stir.
  • Rumours and Fake News: spread through social media as in the case of rumours of Child abductors in North East led to violence against many outsiders.
  • Rise of cow vigilante: with the silent support from right-wing political class.
  • Judicial Pendency: leads to development of sense among the public that criminals would go unpunished and hence they support ‘instant justice’ by the mob.


    • Rising Intolerance among some groups.


  • Lack of scientific temper: as was visible in violence by supporters of Ram Rahim.

Consequences of increasing Mob Violence

  • It leads to the breakdown of law and order and respect for the criminal justice system.
  • Raises feelings of insecurity among some groups, especially the minorities.
  • Reputation of the country in view of world countries will diminish. 
  • It would divide Indian society along communal lines and threaten the unity and integrity of the nation.

Way forward


  • States such as Manipur and Rajasthan have taken a lead by making special law for ending the menace of mob violence.


  • Political class should condemn such attacks unequivocally.
  • States should implement Supreme Court guidelines to end mob lynching such as:
    • designate a senior police officer in each district as nodal officer for taking measures to prevent incidents of mob violence and lynching.
    • governments shall immediately identify districts, sub-divisions and villages where instances of lynching and mob violence have been reported in the recent past.
    • Curb and stop the dissemination of irresponsible and explosive messages, videos and other material.

Mob lynching unleashes a climate of fear and hatred which has no place in the composite culture of India. A social revolution is needed to re-establish the respect for law and order as well as love for our brethren.

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