Mobota is a small and very poor country in Africa. A major epidemic of a new disease breaks out in Mobota. The only medicine in the market for this disease is a drug made in India by a new pharmaceutical company called Biomed. Since the drug has been developed at heavy cost and Biomed is partly owned by a major international company, the medicine is priced very high. Mobota cannot not afford to pay the price for the large quantities it needs to control the outbreak. What are the different options for Mobota’s health minister to deal with this situation? What according to you would be the best option & why ? 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction identify the ethical issues involved in the case study and the stakeholders associated.
  • In the body explain that access to medicines’ is crucial to sustenance of human lives and preservation of human dignity. It also provokes the concept of social equity as seen from developing countries suffering around the world due to lack of essential healthcare/ medicine. Deliberate in detail the options available to the health minister according to you.
  • Conclude with best way forward.
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