Most youngsters in India seem to be motivated more by the perks and privileges associated with government jobs than the prospects of public service. What would you do to change the scenario? (250 Words)

With both global and domestic economy not booming, the public sector has become one of the most sought after career option. By offering an above average lifestyle, a secure tenure, a well defined promotion structure and various other perks like accommodation, car, domestic help, etc., it is competing with the high packages of the private sector.

This has led many to opt for the public sector thinking more for the perks, position of influence, status in society rather than the positive work they can do and the overall impact they can have.

Certain things that can be done to influence the youngsters
1.Social Media platforms being used by various ex-officers help in propagating the view that perks make the job lucrative. Such narratives should be avoided. Instead, there should be more focus on highlighting the the good work done by various officers.
2.Officers who have let go of their perks should be highlighted.
3.Narrative of how private sector has a small role to play in our country as compared to the public sector should be avoided.
4.Ensuring that the process of selection weeds out people who don’t show commitment towards the service and have ulterior motives.
5.Strengthening the orientation process of new joiners.

Further, the government can consider the following
1.Rationalization of perks.
2.Public – Private sector linkages can be augmented in order to establish equivalence.
3.Regular cooling off periods where civil servants are required to work outside the government so they are more appreciative of what needs to be done.

Government jobs should be a medium to change the society and not a means to an entitled life. Only then will it lead to true progress of both the individual and the country.

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Neha Pandey
1 year ago

Neha pandey … please review waiting for your valuable suggestions

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sourav singh
1 year ago


11 months ago
Reply to  sourav singh

You have give so much good points, but they are in haphazard way.. Please do structuring before start writing. Kindly Peer review my answer too.

sourav singh
11 months ago
Reply to  Aswath

thanks for peer reveiw

11 months ago

Please review.

sourav singh
11 months ago
Reply to  Aswath

points are well structured, to the point but answers can be improved by increasing the visibility of you answers i.e. handwriting and diagrammatic representation.

Amandeep Kaur
11 months ago