Once Ravi goes to market with his mother for celebratory shopping. There he finds that most of the shopkeepers have employed children as attendants and are being treated harshly. Ravi gets very touched by seeing all this and argues with one of the shopkeepers on this issue. His mother tells him to stop and explains that the shopkeeper will remove the child and child may have no earning source for family. (250 words) (a) What should Ravi do in consonance with moral quality in this situation? (b) Discuss limitations of various possible actions that Ravi is supposed to take. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • Start by explaining and identifying the key stakeholders in the case study.
  • In the body, explain the available options; pros and cons .
  • Conclude with solutions that may range from special government programs to schemes that focus on doing away with child labour and help ensure betterment of such poor children.
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