Our politicians profess to live for the people, and swear by them in every speech. But there is no other section of humanity, which so flagrantly robs the people and works against their interests. Substantiate with examples. (200 words)

When the country attained independence, we had a set of political leaders who had sacrificed everything they had for the Nation. They were all of impeccable status and had unquestionable credentials. However down the years, gradually but firmly greed for money and wealth put loyalty to the country and its people into oblivion. This has increased the political corruption. The politicians swear to work for the people in election manifestos, but the situation on the ground is different from what they promise. The political corruption is seen at all levels after the politicians come to power.

Political corruption corrupts the political life of a nation at all levels. In its broader aspect, it seeks to politicize all walks of life and in its narrower sense, legitimizes unholy political actions for benefiting vested interests whether personalized or institutional.

There are many examples of it.  Thousands of crores of public money has been stashed in secret foreign bank accounts by corrupt politicians. In several states, the politicians and their relatives have grabbed land reserved for building houses for the homeless. In all such cases, it was the voiceless and deprived sections of society who were robbed and it was their leaders who did it. The politicians though are enjoying at the behest of the public money, they fail to realize the responsibilities they have towards the people and the society. It is important that political leaders perform their duties with morality and ethicality. For this, there is a need to develop moral and ethical values in the politicians through means of training and regular assessment of their work. 

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