Persuasion is a potent, weapon in the hands of civil servants. Critically examine illustrate through one example. (250 words)

Persuasion can be defined as a conscious attempt by an individual to change the attitude or behavior of a group through the transmission of some message. The civil servants have to work, generally with teams and people belonging to different departments.

Persuasion has been perceived as a potent weapon in the hands of civil servants through which they can encourage their teammates to work with more efficiency.

There may be times when the team may lose its energy level, then the team leader by using his persuasion skills like appeal to reason, appeal to emotion and communication abilities can persuade his teammates to work towards their goals. Moreover, civil servants, by setting personal examples like coming to office on time, working honestly with integrity can persuade others in the organization also.

There have been civil servants like Sreedharan, ICS Mangat Rai, Shankaran who have been good examples in their field to persuade their co-workers using their skills and abilities.

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