Q.1 What do you understand by communalism? Deliberate upon the causes and impact of communalism on Indian society. (15 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments-

  • In introduction, briefly discuss what you understand by communalism.
  • In the body, discuss the reasons contributing to Communalism; vested political interests, rise of communal organisations, politicization of local problems, religious fundamentalism etc.
  • Discuss the impact of communalism on Indian society; impact on social fabric, economy, polity etc.
  • Suggest way forward for eradicating communalism.
  • Conclude that Public awareness needs to be raised about the harmful impact of communalism. Our constitution, which labels India as a secular nation makes provisions to protect the interests of all religions and goes beyond the code of any religion. Hence one must learn to put national interests above one’s religious views.
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project _osiris
project _osiris
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