Q.2 Over the past two decades, initiatives announced to extend health care coverage to the indigent sections have come under criticism due to their near-exclusive focus on hospitalisation (inpatient, IP) care and exclusion of outpatient health care. In light of this, examine the reasons for extending the coverage to inpatient care and challenges in doing so. (10 Marks)

Mentor’s comment-
  • https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/prevention-is-better-than-cure/article38044494.ece
  • In the intro, mention that OP expenses comprise the majority share in out-of-pocket expenditure in India.
  • In the body, mention the impact of such exclusion such as neglect of preventive measures, such move defies economic sense, positive feedback could result in even further investment in the future which will not be suitable for an epidemiological profile that characterizes this country.
  • In the challenges mention misuse issue, lack quality in public health care, lack of products by insurance companies, lack of standards etc.
  • Conclude by mentioning that for India wisdom immediately points to successful countries that are (or were, at one point) much closer to its socioeconomic fabric, such as Thailand, than countries like the U.S. which we currently look to emulate.
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