Q.2 Ukraine war and China’s expansive policies are influencing the security priorities of Asian countries. In context of this, examine the policies followed by the Asian countries and its implications. (10 Marks)

Mentor’s comment-
  • https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/c-raja-mohan-writes-a-chill-down-asias-spine-nato-australia-japan-new-zealand-south-korea-8009028/
  • In the intro, mention the significant Indo-Pacific presence with the prime ministers of Australia, Japan, and New Zealand as well as the president of South Korea participation in a NATO summit.
  • In the intro, mention the tendency in small European countries to balance against Russia by aligning with US. On the similar lines Asian countries relates with the small European countries on that count against the expansive Chines policies. These countries are reacting by creating sophisticated national military capacities, resolving mutual differences and strengthening security cooperation and bolstering alliances with the US.
  • Conclude by mention that the egregious expansionism of Russia and China, the strategic integration of the Asian and European geopolitical theatres has now begun.
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believing is seeing
believing is seeing
2 months ago