Q.3 What is green hydrogen? What are the incentives offered under the green hydrogen policy? Suggest the way forward. (10 Marks)

Mentor’s comment-
  • https://www.financialexpress.com/opinion/green-hydrogen-policy-some-hits-one-crucial-miss/2471061/
  • In the intro, mention the National Hydrogen Mission in India.
  • In the body, explain the green hydrogen, in the incentives mention the waiver of inter-state transmission (ISTS) tariff for 25 years for projects commissioned before June 2025 and permitting open access for sourcing renewable energy within 15 days of receiving applications, banking of renewable energy used for producing green hydrogen and green ammonia for 30 days etc. In the way forward, mention need for ensuring cheap renewable and bringing down the cost of electrolysers through subsidies and investment in R&D.
  • Conclude by mentioning that unless we do this, we will lose the race, as we have in the production of solar cells and modules.
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